Freestyle Ice

Freestyle sessions are available for individual skaters to contract ice time for practice or private lessons.

Skaters may arrange for private lessons with a member of our coaching staff during skating school sessions. Click on the "Coaches" tab for information on our staff and contact information.


Freestyle sessions are currently being held at Erie Bank Sports Park

WFSC member punch cards for 10 (1hour) sessions are available for $170. 

WFSC member punch cards for 5 (1 hour) sessions are available for $90.

Non-member Walk-On Rate is $20 per session.

Stroking/Style class

  INCLUDES: 15 minute stroking/style class instruction and ice

Work on your skating skills and have some fun with friends!

Punch cards can be purchased for $40 which includes 5 sessions.

The walk-on rate is $10 per session.